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A Gaelic Blessing (YOUTUBE)

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (YOUTUBE)

In the Heart of the World (YOUTUBE)

Not While I’m Around (YOUTUBE)

Your Mama Don’t Dance (YOUTUBE)

The Road Home (Click on Title)

With a Voice of Singing (YOUTUBE)

Sing, Sing, Sing (YOUTUBE)  —

Note: The introduction is shorter but from measure 13 to the end of the song, everything is the same.

Duct Tape (Stanton Music Library)  —

Tenor and Bass only (Stanton Music Library),
Composer: Burrows, Mark Catalog Number: 15/3874H.

People (SSAA) (YOUTUBE)  —

NOTE: The video says SSAA but it is actually SATB. Use this if you want to get the feel for the entire song. Could not find a link to the SSAB even though the sheet music cover is exactly as ours and the Catalogue Number is the same.